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The Internet of Insurance and Cloudbridge just made is easier to execute book rolls.

Chicago, September 1, 2020 – Digitization of insurance is a longstanding trend, and COVID-19 accelerated the pace at which independent agents are having to adapt and shift their workflows. Agencies are finding consolidations to be an important source of revenue during this pandemic and into the future. Agencies are focused on providing the right coverage and service to their customers to create the best value. Historically, a lack of technology made it difficult as agencies created the best portfolio of solutions for their clients.

The internet of Insurance and Cloudbridge Solutions, Ltd. are teaming up to make it easier and faster for agencies to create value for their policyholders across their book of business. The Internet of Insurance is bringing world class technology, execution, and connectivity while Cloudbridge is adding agency digital workflow expertise and project management. Collectively, the collaboration makes it easier for agents to successfully consolidate books of business from a technological and an operational perspective which helps their policyholders find the right coverage and services.

“The independent agent is the lifeblood of the insurance industry, and we’re always looking for ways to make their lives better,” said Aaron Larson, CRO for the Internet of Insurance.

 “The Internet of Insurance team is second to none from a technology and execution standpoint.  Their visionary approach to the insurance transaction and commitment to innovation align perfectly with Cloudbridge,” said Brian Murphy, President at Cloudbridge.  

The strategic partnership between the Internet of Insurance and Cloudbridge joins two companies with strong technical and insurance abilities, and more importantly, these are two companies dedicated to helping independent agents. 

About The Internet of Insurance

The Internet of Insurance, powered by DAIS, was founded in Chicago in 2017 to bring the transformational power of the internet for good to one America’s oldest and most foundational industries – insurance. Today, the Internet of Insurance works across 14 states with more than 100 independent agencies, 250 carriers and 1,000 underwriters, driving agency digitization and a seamless, data-centric experience for every facet of the insurance experience. To learn more, visit us at

About Cloudbridge

Cloudbridge is a data management company located in Hampton, New Hampshire.  It specializes in streamlining the underwriting collection process to improve accuracy and efficiency and within the personal lines and commercial lines product channel.  Cloudbridge also provides website services to independent agents offering various applications to improve engagement with both the insured and the carrier. 

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