Cyber Liability Insurance

Cloudbridge Premium Offering

Data Breach/Cyber Liability Insurance

Providing companies with solutions to enhance their systems.

Did you know that 6 out of 10 small businesses have been hacked at least two times in the last 12 months?  If you’re using technology in your business, you’re a target.

Does your business collect information clients or customers?
Do you collect credit card information online for sales?
Does your business maintain a data base of personal information or proprietary business information?Do you store patient data or healthcare data?

Coverage available with the following terms*

  • $1M aggregate limit
  • $1M limit in Privacy Liability
  • $1M limit in Privacy Regulatory Claims
  • $1M limit in Security Liability
  • $1M limit in Multimedia Liability
  • $1M limit in Cyber Extortion
  • $1M limit in Business Income and Digital Asset Restoration
  • $100,000 sublimit for PCI DSS Assessment
  • $2,500 Retention

*Non-admitted policy